Paul Pentecost is one of the many members of ATMOS. Like all members of the ATMOS group he flies a highly advanced version of a ship you encounter in the game: a modified Pirate Carrier. It carries ten Thunderhead Bays, two Pirate Viper Bays, one Pirate Missle Viper Bay, and one Pirate Beam Viper Bay for a total of 46 fighters. When flown by Paul Pentecost, the ship is capable of taking twenty-five to thirty hits with multi-polaron torpedoes due to his pers shield modifier. Paul Pentecost's Pirate Carrier is also equiped with the following: 7 Heavy Blaster Turrets, 4 Quad Light Blaster Turrets, 3 EMP Torpedo Launcher with over 200 torpedoes, 4 200mm Railguns, and a Pirate Jammer. It is almost impossible to disable without a large amount of firepower.

Paul Pentecost is a very fun character to hail as he has responses such as "I babysit, it pays better. And don't tell me that was irrelevant, it was a hippopatamus."

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