Sigma Shipyards Beta Model Pegasus Transport
General characteristics
Acceleration 150
Turning ability Poor
Maximum speed Average
Cost 2,000,000
Requirements Capital Ships License
Technical specifications
Length 100
Shield capacity 400/10
Armor effectiveness 110
Energy capacity 700 units or 7 jumps
Crew 10
Total mass 2000 tons
Free space 15 tons
Cargo space 1000 tons
Gun hard-points Maximum of 1
Turret hard-points Maximum of 1
Standard armament (1) Medium Blaster Turret
Included outfits None included

When the Colonial Council was fighting the Vell-os, many transports were wrecked beyond repair, causing a number of shipping concerns to go out of business. A young engineer named Eyeya Soyahc found a solution: because the massive Leviathans were too large to be destroyed completely, he organized salvage teams to grab the cargo rings from the debris. The rings were repaired and fitted with engines. The Pegasus was a commercial success, and is now manufactured by Sigma Shipyards.


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The name of this craft is rather misleading, as it is slow and plodding. It does feature some expandability, and can be configured to be somewhat less vulnerable to attackers. As with most standard designs, Pirates have adapted the Pegasus to their purposes and you will occasionally encounter a more heavily armed variant flying the black flag. Veteran players recognize any such encounter as an excellent opportunity to obtain a useful freighter without the usual bother of buying and equipping one.