A Pilotlog, somewhat similar to a debuglog, is a text file created by EV Nova containing all of a certain pilot's achievements and statistics. To make a pilotlog, create a plain text file in the main EV Nova folder called pilotlog.txt. Then, every time a pilot file is loaded, EV Nova will output all of a pilot's statistics into the file.

Sections of the pilotlogEdit

A pilotlog file is separated into several sections.

  • The first section shows the date and time the log was created, as well as the game version.
  • Plug-ins loaded - this section shows what plug-ins, if any, the player is using.
  • Pilot statistics - shows the pilot's name, nickname, gender, strict play status, whether or not the player has seen the intro screen, ship name and type, current system, legal status, game date, fuel, credits, and combat rating.
  • Current Cargo - shows what cargo, if any, the player has.
  • Active Missions - shows what missions, if any, the player is doing.
  • Mission bits - shows which NCBs the player has set.
  • Contribute Bits - shows which contribute bits are filled by the player's shïp, oütf, and ränk resources.
  • Items Currently Owned - shows what outfits the player owns.
  • Stellars Currently Dominated - Shows what planets/stations the player has dominated.
  • Stellars currently destroyed - shows what planets/stations have been destroyed, either by the player using a planet-type weapon or by an NCB set string.
  • Active ranks - shows what ranks and honors the player has been given.
  • Active disasters - shows what disasters (which include things like food surpluses or supply shortages, i.e. anything that changes prices) are currently in effect.
  • Active crön events - shows the chronological timers currently in effect, and the time remaining.

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