Pirate Argosy
Heraan Researched Argosy (Pirate Upgraded)
General characteristics
Acceleration 375
Turning ability 35
Maximum speed 265
Cost 250,000 cr
Requirements none
Technical specifications
Length 30 meters
Shield capacity 260/19
Armor effectiveness 375
Energy capacity 500 units or 5 jumps
Crew 10
Total mass 150 tons
Free space 25 tons
Cargo space 50 tons
Gun hard-points Maximum of 5
Turret hard-points Maximum of 2
Standard armament 2 Hail Chainguns & 100 ammo, 1 IR Missile Launcher & 10 ammo
Included outfits Auroran IR Jammer

The Pirate Argosy is a variant of the familiar Argosy commercial craft. As one would expect of a pirate-enhanced ship, it packs more firepower than the standard version and exhibits slightly better performance.


If you have any gameplay tips, hints, or background information relevant to this topic, please post them here.

Despite the pirate enhancements, this is still one of the more mediocre ships in its class. Veteran pilots generally overlook these ships in favor of the more espensive pirate iterations of the the Valkyrie and Starbridge. Weither the argosy should be considered or not is a matter of playstyle. It's dual chainguns are not effective against larger ships than fighters, while its turning capabilites lag significantly. But, that dosen't mean there dosen't exist a remedy to this problem. Suggested modifications: Remove both chainguns, sell the ammo (800 rounds) Sell em all, now you got more creds to play with. Put on a few vectored thrust units, 2 FPC, hellhound missle launcher or whatever you can afford for a missle launcher, maybe a rail gun or two with a mass expander. It's got plenty of space to spare, its very rare you would be using all 50 tons.  

The Blockade Runner variant does not appear under normal circumstances, making it incredibly rare. It only appears in a few missions, and even then not always.

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