This variant of the Pirate Carrier is probably the most powerful of all the Pirate Carrier versions. When first bought it has only one Pirate Missle Viper, Pirate Beam Viper, and two Pirate Vipers while the Heavy Weapons Version comes with two, however this is only a setback monetary wise. Other than that the only difference is the Heavy Weapons Versions six 200 meter fixed railguns compare to the Extra Fighters four. However, the Extra Fighters Version has an extra 200 shields and armor compare to the Heavy Weapons Version. These ships, Heavy Weapons or Extra Fighters are fun to upgrade and grossly overpower. It takes a lot of money to do so, however, if you plan on selling the fighter bays to make room for weapons and armor, the money you recieve will greatly help the process. Without Sigma upgrades it is possible to get over fifty fighters on a Carrier using all three Pirate Viper Bays and the two Pirate Thunderhead Bays.

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