Pirate Starbridge
Light Capital Class S-25 Starbridge (Pirate Upgrade)
General characteristics
Acceleration 560
Turning ability 50
Maximum speed 410
Cost 725,000 credits
Requirements none
Technical specifications
Length 20 meters
Shield capacity 440/59
Armor effectiveness 140
Energy capacity 5 jumps or 500 units
Crew 2
Total mass 98 tons
Free space 30 tons
Cargo space 20 tons
Gun hard-points Maximum of 6
Turret hard-points Maximum of 1
Standard armament 2 Medium Blasters, 1 Radar Missile Launcher & 12 ammo
Included outfits Pirate Jammer

The Pirate Starbridge is Greyshoulders Dockyards' take on Sigma Shipyards' popular Starbridge. This ship is hardly any different from the stock Class A Starbridge, but a good eye can pick out slight differences in performance.

Variants Edit

Like most ships in Nova, the Pirate Starbridge comes in a number of variants.

Notes Edit

If you have any gameplay tips, hints, or background information relevant to this topic, please post them here. The Pirate Starbridge is quite a bit more expensive than the stock Starbridge, as it comes with a host of both major and minor upgrades to the original design. Even the class C is an excellent escort, and the class D is a murderous beauty to fly around in. The only big hit the Starbridge takes from being slapped with a Pirate upgrade is cargo space; and while the A.I for the escort is 'Warship', the limit to ten tons or less for a cargo mission can hurt badly. If possible, because of the inferior defenses of the Pirate Starbridge, avoid the C variant. Go for either the A, which has reasonable stats but will also be only reasonably difficult to capture, or go directly for the D variant. With its twin ion cannons and hellhound missiles, the D is capable of being a major threat to most capital ships. When fighting with the D varient, it's best to attack larger ships with the Hellhound missiles first, to bring down or soften up the enemy shields. With fighters and other small craft, simply moving in for a swift ion cannon kill will make them easy prey. Unfortunately, the only way to get hold of class C and D variants (short of using a plugin) is to capture them - which of course requires disabling them - as the "stock" version sold at Pirate shipyards is the B variant.

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