Pirate Thunderhead
Pirate Thunderhead
General characteristics
Acceleration 625
Turning ability 50
Maximum speed 475
Cost 425,000 credits
Requirements nothing
Technical specifications
Length 12 meters
Shield capacity 125/10
Armor effectiveness 210/0
Energy capacity 4 jumps or 400 units
Crew 1
Total mass 15 tons
Free space 10 tons
Cargo space 10 tons
Gun hard-points Maximum of 5
Turret hard-points none
Standard armament 2 Thunderhead Lances, 2 Radar Missile Launchers & 10 ammo, 1 Fusion Pulse Cannon
Included outfits none

Never underestimate the ability of pirates to improve a ship that is way too powerful already. Olaf Greyshoulders got around the problem of increasing the speed of the Thunderhead by simply adding another engine, creating the Pirate Thunderhead. Better armed and defended than the standard type, the Pirate Thunderhead has become a staple of the various Pirate groups.

Notes Edit

A good purchase to begin with, the Pirate Thunderhead is a highly effective heavy fighter. The Rebel variant of this is upgraded, and makes a very effective fighter escort if captured.

It is possible to mount an ion cannon onto a Pirate Thunderhead if you sell some of the stock weapons. If you do it is recommended that you replace the lances as the ion cannon will repel anything within its range. Once you do this and upgrade the armor of the ship, you will have an extremely fast fighter which can take down manticores and carriers.

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