Pirate Valkyrie
Porsche Valkyrie (Pirate Upgrade)
General characteristics
Acceleration 550
Turning ability 40
Maximum speed 475
Cost 500000
Requirements no requirements
Technical specifications
Length 25 meters
Shield capacity 410
Armor effectiveness 130
Energy capacity 5 jumps or 500 units
Crew 4
Total mass 150 tons
Free space 25 tons
Cargo space 20 tons
Gun hard-points Maximum of 6
Turret hard-points Maximum of 2
Standard armament 2 Medium Blasters, 2 Light Blasters, 2 Raven Rocket Pods (80 ammo).
Included outfits none

The Pirate Valkyrie is the result of heavy modifications by Pirates, producing a much more capable ship than the original Valkyrie.

Pirate Valkryies are often called Pirate Valks or PV<variant number>, such as PVII.


  • Class II: This variant is relatively lightly armed, and is the form available in the shipyards on Viking and Harbor.
  • Class III: There are two types of Class III Pirate Valkyries:
    • One is armed with four Medium Blasters, a pair of Light Blasters and four Radar Missile Launchers.
    • The other uses two Medium Blasters, two Light Cannons, two Raven Rocket Launchers, two 100mm Railguns and 2 Fusion Pulse Batteries.
  • Class IV: This is the most dangerous class. Armed with 1 100mm Railgun and a pair of the turreted version, a Hellhound Missile Launcher, 4 Radar Missle Launchers and four Ionic Particle Cannons.


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  • The Pirate Valkyrie IV is considered to be one of the best ships in the game by many players, mainly for its best-in-class top speed and expandability (once stripped, over 200 tons of free space). It is, however, notorious for its poor acceleration, which makes an afterburner almost essential. It comes with Hellhounds, Ion Cannons, Radar Missiles, and 100mm Turreted Railguns.
  • One approach to building a Pirate Valkyrie is a complete close-ranged approach. Scrap all weapons in favor of 4 Thunderhead Lances and 4 Ion Cannons, with the rest of the space devoted to solar panels, battery packs, armor upgrades, jammers, etc. With skillful piloting and a lot of evasion, it can hold its own against any ship.
  • The ship alone is probably the best escort vessel in the game. Class II Pirate Valks are found abundantly throughout the game, and can be easily captured and upgraded into a deadly Class IV. This makes it an excellent escort early on in the game if your ship is a vulnerable freighter, and your main concern is profiting off of your cargo runs.

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