Pirate Viper Bay

Pirate Viper Bay

Pirate Viper Fighter

Pirate Viper Fighter

Pirates know about violence and the threat of violence. They also know about hounding individual ships in packs. However, they also value speed and the Pirate Viper Bay launches fighters far faster than any other type of bay outside of Polaris space, allowing them to swarm over their foes with frightening rapidity. So despite only being able to house a maximum of four Pirate Vipers, many pirate vessels have at least one. With a fully-loaded Viper bay, you'll have a fast pack at your disposal at all times. This Bay costs 2.00M cr and weighs 40 tons.


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The most reliable supplier of Pirate Viper Bays is the shipyard of Olaf Greyshoulders on Tichel, although they can also be found on Altia. Be aware, however, that Federation patrol vessels may take exception to your possession of these outfits.

All Pirate Carriers come with four Pirate Viper Bays and, therefore, can carry up to sixteen Pirate Vipers.

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