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Polaron Cannon
General specifications
Weapon type

Direct Energy Weapon

Total mass

25 tons

Maximum allowed


Tech level



GLi-Tech approval or Association of Free Traders employment


150,000 credits

Weapon damage and characteristics

180 pixels

Energy damage


Mass damage




Reload time


Impact magnitude


Blast radius


Proximity delay


The Polaron Cannon is an experimental direct-energy weapon being developed by GLi-Tech Corporation. It produces an eerie crackling arc of polaron energy that reduces the weapon's accuracy but enhances its psychological effect.

Notes Edit

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This is strictly a close-combat weapon. Its experimental nature means that it is relatively expensive, but you may be able to obtain one free by 'field-testing' for GLi-Tech. If you have the energy, and the speed required to get close to your target, this is a capable weapon.

It is an effective weapon against Polaris ships due to the large energy damage output, however you will have to risk entering the range of their own beam weapons in order to use it. Conversely, it is largely useless against heavily armoured ships such as Auroran cruisers and Manticores.

Overall, it is probably not worth the free mass to install these weapons. However you can obtain up to three of them for free, depending on the player's mission string (1 from GLI Tech missions, 2 from Pirate sub-plot missions).

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