RAGE Gunboat
Reactive Armor General Equipment Gunboat
General characteristics
Acceleration 575
Turning ability 45
Maximum speed 425
Cost 2,500,000 cr
Requirements late Federation string, and completion of Federation link to GLi-Tech string
Technical specifications
Length 23 meters
Shield capacity 500/12
Armor effectiveness 400/2
Energy capacity 5 jumps or 500 units
Crew 4
Total mass 150 tons
Free space 75 tons
Cargo space 20 tons
Gun hard-points Maximum of 5
Turret hard-points Maximum of 2
Standard armament 2 Fusion Pulse Cannons, 2 Wraith Cannons & 40 ammo, 1 Etheric Wake Missile Launcher & 5 ammo
Included outfits Afterburner, Military IR Jammer, Military Radar Jammer

In an attempt to combat the Abomination and the Striker, Federation scientists have developed the Reactive Armor General Equipment (RAGE) Gunboat. The hyperbolic 'General Equipment' refers to the fact that the Gunboat mounts Auroran FPC technology, and stolen Polaris Wraithii material. The reactive armor plating is nearly impenetrable to lesser weapons, and the ship has outstanding speed and maneuverability for a vessel its size. Only time will tell if it is enough to stand up to the might of the Aurorans, or the technology of the Polaris.

Notes Edit

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The RAGE Gunboat works best in packs. One RAGE can be a headache, but three can take out a Federation Carrier.

The Bureau makes heavy use of this craft as a strike vessel.

Depending on how you acquire your RAGE Gunboat, you may have to change the Wrathii Launcher if you intend to use it and purchase ammunition for it, as opposed to stealing. For example, in the Federation string, if one purchases it, they will need to switch it out with the Gli-Tech-Nia version, as the RAGE Gunboat comes with the Polaris version. Players in the Rebel or Polaris strings who capture one, however, can purchase more ammunition from Polaris space.

In the Rebel storyline, there are two Rage Gunboats defending Commander Krane when she travels in the Prodigal Son, which can make her ship EXTREMELY hard to board. However, ionizing weapons, such as ion particle cannons or hellhound missles, are very effective at neutralizing them.

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