Rebel Destroyer
Federation E-41 Destroyer (Rebel Upgrade)
General characteristics
Acceleration 265
Turning ability 30
Maximum speed 200
Cost 2,000,000 cr
Requirements Middle Rebellion string
Technical specifications
Length 150 meters
Shield capacity 765/21
Armor effectiveness 775
Energy capacity 3 jumps or 300 units
Crew 50
Total mass 800 tons
Free space 75 tons
Cargo space 50 tons
Gun hard-points Maximum of 6
Turret hard-points Maximum of 3
Standard armament 2 Quad Light Blaster Turrets, 2 Gravimetric Missile Launchers & 30 ammo, 4 Medium Blasters, 2 Raven Rocket Turrets & 90 ammo
Included outfits Rebel IR Jammer, Rebel Radar Jammer

General Smart has been pulling his hair out over the Rebellion's perpetual shortage of ships. He recently masterminded the theft of several Federation Destroyers from the breaker yards. The ships are so old, however, that it was difficult upgrading them to Gen. Smart's and Donald Chick's exacting standards, and they have had to make do with gross tweaks to the engines and defenses. Nevertheless, the E-41 serves as the backbone of the Rebel fleet.

Variants Edit

The Rebel Destroyer comes in as many variants as its progenitor.

Notes Edit

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There is a fabled version of the Rebel Destroyer known as the Super Heavy Destroyer Class II. A ship with this variant name does not exist in an unmodified version of Nova. It was "introduced" in Ship Variants 1.06 when the author, for reasons unknown, distinguished the Super Heavy with the cloak from the one without by making it a "Class II".

Like the Dragon variant, the Carrier variant of the Rebel Destroyer carries 4 Rebel Viper bays, which when removed, frees up 200 tons of expansion room. This is very nice for a player who has or can accumulate huge sums of money to upgrade it, but doesn't change the fact that despite all that room, it's still rather unwieldly.

Properly upgraded, the Carrier variant can have a very formidable weapons platform, and trumps any federation technology vessel save the Unrelenting, which is really Pirate tech.

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