Rebel IDA Frigate
Old Earth IDA Frigate (Rebel Upgrade)
General characteristics
Acceleration 300
Turning ability 35
Maximum speed 215
Cost 5,000,000 cr
Requirements Late Rebellion string
Technical specifications
Length 180 meters
Shield capacity 625/20
Armor effectiveness 850
Energy capacity 500 units or 5 jumps
Crew 100
Total mass 650 tons
Free space 75 tons
Cargo space 50 tons
Gun hard-points Maximum of 6
Turret hard-points Maximum of 4
Standard armament 1 Quad Light Blaster Turret, 2 Gravimetric Missile Launchers & 60 ammo, 1 Rebel Viper Bay & 4 Rebel Vipers, 2 Heavy Blaster Turrets, 2 Medium Blasters, 4 Light Cannons
Included outfits Military IR Jammer

The IDA Frigate was the mainstay of the Colonial Council line before the collapse of the Gate system, and instrumental in the defense of the core worlds against the Aurorans. These ships were made to last; the spaceframe itself is compartmental and component-based, and, like the Leviathan, it is virtually indestructible. Once Donald Chick got his hands on it, he retrofitted it to be a fairly lethal weapons platform capable of projecting a fair amount of firepower deep into enemy territory.

Variants Edit

Notes Edit

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The Rebel IDA Frigate is a great cruiser/carrier class ship mainly because it has a much heavier armament compared to some other carriers, especially the rebel upgrade iii. It has dual Bio-Relay Lasers, and can destroy all but the most powerful ships with close-range firepower. You will have to get a beam bug fix plugin to see the full effectiveness of the rebel upgrade III.

One of the oft-overlooked points of this ship is the 360-degree heavy blaster turrets.  Most ships in the game that come with these devastating guns have a blind spot, usually in the rear.  This (along with the Leviathan, Armed variant) is one of the few ships in the game that has no such drawback, even in its stock configuration.

That said, if you want one of these, try to capture a Rebel Upgrade III for the better specs and weapons.  You'll be glad you did.

The IDA frigate, especially the carrier, can be turned into a extremely powerful turreted warship. Because the bays take up so much space, when if sold, it leaves a large amount of "free space" to play with. Medium turrets, long range rail guns, armor, and missle racks of several different families are a good choice for a more agressive build of this ship.

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