Port Kane
Rebel II
is the better-known of the two major Rebellion spaceports. It is located in the Koria system. You will generally be forbidden to land on this spacedock, but killing a few pirates in nearby systems will easily clear you for landing. Rebel II has all the port services, outfitter, shipyard, Mission BBS and Bar, but no trade center.

The outfitter is equiped with a few rarer items, such as Horizontal booster , Gravimetric missiles, hellhound missile, thunderhead lance and thunderhead bay. You can also find a cheap Thorium reactor along side the cheap military version of IR and Radar Jammers.


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Rebel II has a large, well-stocked outfitter that offers a number of items not commonly found in the Federation. Among others, it includes the difficult to find Horizontal booster and Port & Polish.

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