Rebel Lightning
Rautherion Lightning Heavy Fighter (Rebel Upgrade)
General characteristics
Acceleration 750
Turning ability 60
Maximum speed 530
Cost 300,000 cr
Requirements Early Rebellion string
Technical specifications
Length 10 meters
Shield capacity 200/30
Armor effectiveness 60
Energy capacity 400 units or 4 jumps
Crew 3
Total mass 20 tons
Free space 15 tons
Cargo space 20 tons
Gun hard-points Maximum of 7
Turret hard-points none
Standard armament 4 Light Cannons, 2 Radar Missile Launchers
Included outfits none

The unusual design of the Rautherion Lightning was destined to have its inner working probed by the famous ship designer Donald Chick. Due to the relative youth of the design, Donald has left it mostly untouched until the vehicles have had time to "shake down," preferring to augment rather than tweak. Thus it is that this machine is mostly as you'll find it off the production line, bar a few standard upgrades added to "round her out," as Donald puts it.

Notes Edit

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An odd ship to begin with, the Rebel variant of the Lightning is probably the best example of what this beautiful ship is designed for. The tactics employed with a Lightning are unique in the fact that it is an almost pure dogfighting ship. Its light cannons have a very high rate of fire, and can destroy most other fighters, including the thunderhead, in mere seconds. It has missiles for attacking larger ships, but its primary domain is that of a space superiority fighter.

One way to upgrade a Rebel Lightning is to add or exchange guns for Bio-Relay Lasers.

One might not be quite satisfied with this ship's weapons, as it is mainly a dogfighting craft. In that case, it might be good to go Wild Geese and add a thunderhead lance, a railgun or two, or one might even want to strip it of radar missiles and replace it with a hellhound missile launcher, as they are effective against large ships and, unlike the rebellion's signitaure weapon, the gravemetric missile, the ammo does not take up space. With these upgrades in place, it can hold its own against a federation destroyer, as long as one has sufficient escorts.

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