RezEditor is the newest editor for EV Nova [Plug-in|Plug-ins], created by Nonconventionally Creative. Unlike EVNEW, the only other editor available for Windows, it can edit any resource type, not just the ones it knows about. RezEditor is the only editor that supports Linux, as it runs in a Java virtual machine. With the release of 0.1, it can do everything, just not very efficiently in some cases. 0.2 will include the ability to use text-based templates to view resources and can do something with some 'snd ' resources.

Command-line argumentsEdit

Unlike other editors, RezEditor is friendly to the command prompt. Note that unlike some programs, each argument must be specified separately. This may change with a future release.

If not a recognized parameter, loads a file with that name.


-u don't create server/client, just start alone. Will not be able to communicate with subsequent launches.
-d set directory to load files (required for command-line launches from a different directory - use or RezEditor.bat to do this automatically)

Temporary or likely to change meaningEdit

-p print all templated resources.

Format of a templateEdit

In the long run, this section will become irrelevant, as the templates will be distributed with the program, but for now, people might find it useful.

All currently available templates

Filenames don't matter.

Any line beginning with a hash (#) is ignored.

The rest of the file is interpreted as a series of words or tokens, separated by all white space, comma, and semicolon.

The special token "type" (case insensitive) is followed by a 4-byte sequence matching the type of the resource. This must match the MacRoman encoding. If you don't have this encoding available, you can copy the encoding in the text version of the Nova Bible and it will probably work. You can't just type boom; it doesn't match bööm. This is the only token where case matters.

Normal tokens consist of a field type, followed in some cases by an argument, and then a piece of descriptive text. To put a space in the descriptive text, use an underscore. If you really need an underscore, complain about it.

The following tokens are currently supported (case-insensitive, alternates separated by slash):

byte (is this ever used in Nova?)
uint/flags32 (used by spob)
ulong/flags64 (used for Contribute/Require)
sXXX/strXXX/s XXX/str XXX where XXX is the length of the string, including null terminator.


For cases where templates are not sufficient, implement ResourceDisplay and create a related ResourceDisplayer.

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