General Characteristics
System Porto Rillia
Government Federation
Defense Fleet Fed Destroyers, Fed Carriers
Tribute 8,000
Weapon N/A
Port Services Shipyard, Outfitter, Trade Center, Mission BBS, Spaceport Bar

Ryll is a spacer's haven, with over 300 separate spaceports at last count, and with more planned and under construction. The world is quite cosmopolitan, with visitors from all over the Federation. It is also very prosperous and is often showcased in government films promoting tourism and colonization.

Ryll is also well known for its genetically engineered giant kelp that grows abundantly in its plentiful oceans. The kelp has a wide range of applications, from bio-tech to food and medicine.

Ryll is also one of the worlds that a new pilot may start in orbit around.

Port servicesEdit

Ryll offers all the services one might expect of a spaceport; however, few of these services are particularly noteworthy, a disappointment for a planet known as a port world.


Ryll's shipyard offers a moderate selection of civilian ships, from shuttles to Starbridges.


Ryll offers a fairly average array of Federation outfits.

Trade CenterEdit

Most commonly traded commodities are available on Ryll, with industrial goods being the only notable exception. Food, medical supplies, and equipment are available at low prices, while luxury goods can be found at a fair price. Ryll has the distinction of being one of the few planets with a heavy demand for metals. Ryll is also one of the only planets to offer the bio-engineered kelp that it's well-known for. Unfortunately, however, many of the planets that are in demand of the kelp are located in Auroran space, a long ways away.

Trade goods at Ryll
Low cost Medium cost High cost
Food (60 cr)
Medical Supplies (600 cr)
Equipment (440 cr)
Bio-Engineered Kelp (80 cr)
Luxury Goods (900 cr) Metal (250 cr)
Trade links from Ryll
Cr/Ton/Day Destination Std. Jumps Commodity Profit
75 New Babylon (Nesre Primus) 2 Luxury Goods 225
61.8 Europa (Sol) 3 Equipment 247
50 New Babylon (Nesre Primus) 2 Medical Supplies 150
36.7 Georgia (Nesre Primus) 2 Equipment 110
Trade links to Ryll
Cr/Ton/Day Origin Std. Jumps Commodity Profit
30 Georgia (Nesre Primus) 2 Metal 90

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