S7evyn is a legendary star system that does not appear on any standard star chart. It is reported to be the destination of any pilot who is so mighty as to change the very nature of the Galaxy, thus opening the hidden gateway to the system. Upon arrival at S7evyn, as the story goes, a pilot will land on a planet known as Our Spiel and be greeted by legendary figures from the past, who fly ships of unimaginable power and majesty. These figures are said to praise anyone who arrives there and even to reveal the great secrets of the universe. Some go so far as to claim that there is a wormhole there that allows one to return to the ordinary universe as a sort of super-hero.


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The player is transported to this system upon completion of a major mission string, and can buy a Kestrel if he/she possesses enough credits.

Normally the player cannot come back to S7evyn once he/she has been there and left, but there are several plug-ins that allow you to do this.

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