Sigma Shipyards

The Kane Band, located on Earth in the Sol system acts as a hub for Sigma Shipyard's vast enterprise.

Sigma Shipyards is a major corporation which operates in Federation space, and houses it's headquarters on the Kane Band. Sigma owns 62 % of the Kane Band, and as such has ample ship construction facilities. Sigma produces a large variety of civilian ships, add-ons, and warships for the Federation Navy. Among its civilian-approved vessels are the Pegasus, Leviathan, and Star Liner, which they sell to a limited range of persons.

Sigma Shipyards produces the following ship upgrades for its employees and trusted ship captains:

It is worthy to note that Sigma Shipyards is the only group who has the knowledge to use the what remains of the Hypergate system. As such, they use the system for their own purposes, distributing codes to their employees so that they may use system to their advantage.

There are also several plug-ins, notably PlugPack v18, which add more Sigma upgrades.

Story Line Mission

   * Available: Earth (Sol)
   * Location: Shipyard
   * Chance: 55%
   * Combat Rating: 10
   * Gov't Rating: -
   * Notes: Minor -- doesn't interrupt with other storylines