General Characteristics
System Archenar
Government Federation
Defense Fleet Pegasi, Starbridges, IDA Frigates
Tribute 3,000
Weapon N/A
Port Services Outfitter, Mission BBS, Spaceport Bar

Sirrusa is a space station orbiting the planet Trusa in the Archenar system. It once thrived as an ore-refining station, however, as the ore deposits on Trusa dried up, so did the need for the station. Although Sirrusa has fallen on hard times, it has been kept alive by some of the older inhabitants who have kept it marginally profitable by turning the site into something of a scrapyard. Spacers can sell almost any parts or upgrades on their ships piecemeal, which the station then, in turn, sells to scrap merchants or to corporations interested in taking the parts apart for the technologies within.

Port servicesEdit


Sirrusa has little to offer most spacers, but it does provide one very unique, useful service. While its outfitter does not have anything for sale, it does offer a fair price for virtually any outfits on a spacer's ship. This is particularly useful for spacers with foreign or advanced technologies who wish to get rid of these upgrades without retracing their steps.

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