Sol is the name of the star that Earth orbits. In EV Nova's version of the Sol system, a player will find Jupiter, Europa (a major moon of Jupiter), and Mars. The Sol system is one of the most strategically important systems in all space and is the most important system in Federation space, as their capital is found here. There will almost always be some Federation patrols in the system, although occasionally Rebel, Pirate, and Auroran fleets will make it past the Federation defenses. Earth, and therefore Sol, has the largest defense fleet in the entire galaxy; while the ships in the fleet may not be as strong as those of other governments, they are the most numerous.

Interstellar connections

  1. Nesre Primus, gateway to the Federation's northern regions and territory under control of the Rebellion
  2. Nesre Secundus, gateway to the Federation's southeastern regions and path to the western arm of the Auroran Empire
  3. Alphara, gateway to the Federation's southwestern regions and path to the heart of the Auroran Empire
  4. Tichel, gateway to the Federation's eastern regions and path to the Polaris
  5. Kerella, gateway to the Federation's western regions and path to the Vell-os
  6. Archenar, regional center
  7. Tau Ceti, regional center
  8. Wolf 359, isolated world and nerve center of the Bureau.

For all of its central positioning in the galaxy, Sol lacks a working hypergate (or one at all for that matter). Accessing the hypergate system from Sol requires a single jump to one of the gateway systems surrounding it: Nesre Primus, Nesre Secundus, Alphara, Tichel, or Kerella.

Sol does have a wormhole located far to the east of the system center for travelers wishing to use that means of interstellar travel.

Space objects Edit

  1. Earth, capital of the Federation
  2. Europa, a perfunctory military outpost
  3. Mars, a scientific outpost and failed colony
  4. Jupiter, a gas giant
  5. Wormhole, east of system center

Hazards Edit

  1. Sparse asteroid field

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