Spacedock IV
Spacedock IV
General Characteristics
System Nesre Primus
Government Federation
Defense Fleet Fed Destroyers, Fed Carriers
Tribute 2,000
Weapon Blaster turret
Port Services Outfitter, Mission BBS, Spaceport Bar

Spacedock IV lies in New Babylon's orbit, and acts as an intermediary gateway for many travelers and traders alike. Shuttles and cargo drones account for the overwhelming majority of traffic between the small planet and the spacedock, and many businessmen keep their offices on the docks themselves rather than planetside. As a result of these functions, security precautions for docking are much more lax than on other spacedocks. It is the only Federation spacedock with which a pilot may dock without having a positive legal record.

Spacedock IV was one of the first stations to have been built by the Federation and is beginning to show its age. However, it is well-maintained and regularly updated; it still serves an important role both in housing the barracks in this sector of the galaxy, and also in supplying patrols against pirate and rebel incursions.

Port servicesEdit

Spacedock IV offers a few services, including a Mission BBS and an outfitter. The bar "Jackie's" is also something of a peculiarity and tourist attraction. Dedicated to a now little-known action star from the 20th century, it features bizarre acrobatic performances with every order.


Spacedock IV offers a fairly average array of Federation outfits.

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