General Characteristics
System Galvan
Government Federation
Defense Fleet Starbridges, Valkyries, Argosies, and Vipers
Tribute 6,000
Weapon N/A
Port Services Outfitter, Trade Center, Mission BBS, Spaceport Bar

Syracuse, located in the Galvan system, can, in many ways, be considered an analogy for the Federation itself. Syracuse features a stratified social structure, where the wealthy enjoy all the trappings of modern technology, while those in the slums can barely afford low-tech necessities. All in all, however, Syracuse is not a rich world. Busy, progressive, and on the brink of overpopulation, Syracuse faces several environmental crises brought on by heavy industrialization. So far, however, the government has managed to keep the problem contained.

Port servicesEdit

Syracuse offers most services common to spaceports with the exception of a shipyard.

Trade CenterEdit

Syracuse offers a decent variety of goods. Industrial materials and equipment in particular can be found at low prices. Luxury goods and metal are also available at average rates. The only product in any demand, however, are, oddly enough, Krim-Hwa holy symbols.

Trade goods at Syracuse
Low cost Medium cost High cost
Industrial (280)
Equipment (440)
Luxury Goods (900 cr)
Metal (200 cr)
Krim-Hwa Holy Symbols (62 cr)
Trade links from Syracuse
Cr/Ton/Day Destination Std. Jumps Commodity Profit
123.5 Altia (Altair) 1 Equipment 247
23.3 Port Kane (Kania) 2 Industrial 70
Trade links to Syracuse
Cr/Ton/Day Origin Std. Jumps Commodity Profit
3.7 Las Vegas (Vega) 5 Krim-Hwa Holy Symbols 22


Syracuse offers an average array of outfits, with nothing particularly eye-catching.

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