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Tau Ceti is a system in Federation space, directly south of Sol.

System information Edit

The system sits at the center of the of the Tau region of systems south of Sol. All traffic to and from the three other systems of the region are routed through this system, as well as traffic to the two inhabited worlds located in the Tau Ceti system itself. Tau is directly connected to four systems via hyperspace link:

  1. Sol, center of the Federation
  2. Enlightenment
  3. Sanddown
  4. Merrynne, a backwater but with a promising world

No Hypergates exist within the Tau region, so to access the network, a pair of standard jumps are necessary, the first to Sol, and the second to one of the neighboring systems with functional hypergates: Alphara, Kerella, Nesre Primus, Nesre Secundus, or Tichel.

Tau Prime Edit

Tau Prime surface

The aquatic regions of Tau Prime are home to its native Knup-Knups.

Located near system center as the more northeastern of the three planets, Tau Prime is a watery world and is not widely occupied by humans. The Federation Scientific Corps maintains a significant presence there however as they monitor the development of the sentient native species, the Knup-Knups. The species is being allowed to progress at their own rate, though they are yet far from passing their current, primitive stage of development.

Port services Edit

While officially only a facility for supply of the local science base and for personnel transfers, Tau Prime's spaceport is unusually busy. A small group of businesses serve both ship crews waiting ship loading as well as scientists spending time in from their field work. Rumors abound about a market for stuffed Knup-Knups, which are in high demand amongst certain circles in the galaxy. For ships, however, the only service offered is a recharge.

Trade Center Edit

Tau Prime's scientific mission is 'officially' supplied by the Federation Scientific Corps. Thus its port facility only is supposed to exist for the purposes of passenger transport and emergency landings. However, as the traffic levels attest to, there is a more sinister reason for ships to dock here, and that is to acquire shipments of the highly illegal stuffed knup-knups. The Tau Prime 'Trade Center' thus is not an official entity, but more a black market where indiscriminate captains can acquire these shady cargoes.

Tau Prime Trade Center markets
Low cost Medium cost High cost
Stuffed Knup-Knups

Tau II Edit

Tau II surface

Looking out over Tau II's rocky terrain gives some idea of what rocket-boarders face as they race for cash here.

Much smaller than its neighbor directly north of it, Tau II has a barren, rocky face that does not attract most people to seek it as a home. However, what it lacks in hospitality for life, it makes up for as a rugged challenge for sportsmen engaged in the Federation's latest holovid obsession: XTreem(tm) Rocket-boarding. It's vast canyons, craters, rockfaces and plateaus make for a neverending variety of courses over which contenders must race their rocket-boards, all seeking glory and huge cash payouts. Unfortunately for many, they never make it out of the dangerous features to see this glory.

Port services Edit

Tau II is host to steady traffic as vacationers seek to watch their favorite sport live, and broadcasters, marketers, and other people associated with the sport commute in and out of the planet. Plenty of establishments exist to cater to this traffic, so finding a bar is no problem. Communications are state-of-the-art for the sport's broadcasters, and captains will find easy access to the Federation's mission BBS. Like Tau Prime, ship services are minimal, consisting only of the ability to recharge vessels and perform rudimentary space-worthiness repairs.

Trade Center Edit

The nearest thing to a trade center on Tau II is the plethora of shops hawking various rocket-board designs, as well as other sport-related memorabilia. The boards are in high demand throughout the Federation as one of the hottest gifts going, and a cagey spacer can make a good profit with a load or two of them. Unfortunately the lack of a permanent population means there is little demand for any imports to the planet.

Tau II markets
Low cost Medium cost High cost
Xtreem Rocket-Boards (120 cr)
Trade links from Tau II
Cr/Ton/Day Destination Std. Jumps Commodity Profit
22.3 New England (Wolf 359) 2 Xtreem Rocket-Boards 67
22.3 Viking (Tichel) 2 Xtreem Rocket-Boards 67

Tau III Edit

To the west of the two inhabited worlds of Tau Ceti is found a large purple and white gas giant. The planet has no facilities in orbit or otherwise, so is little more than pretty scenery for passing ships.

Notes Edit

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