The Tekel House, while hardly involved in any of the missions in Nova, is not very obscure. Many missions pass through its space and is mentioned a fair amount to remove the shroud of mystery. They are the farthest to the galactic east in the Auroran Empire and are enemies of the Dani House. They also argue with Dani over whose responsibility it is to deal with the Houseless warriors.

The insignia of the Tekel House is a purple rising sun.

The Tekel System Edit

The Tekel House is headquartered on the planet Tekel, in the system of the same name. Said system also contains a hypergate that leads to the Dani System.

Like all the Auroran capital worlds, Tekel is very much overpopulated and polluted. As such, the major commodities are very expensive.


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The Tekel House plays a very minor role in two storylines: the Federation and Auroran. In the latter, they simply have a representative to duels or the Auroran Council. In the former, their homeworld is glassed by Federation warships, becoming one of the four worlds in the game that can be dominated and don't have a defense fleet.

Several missions make the player pass through Tekel space, the best known examples being the Kontik Probe mission and the second Sigma mission. In the latter, they player also has to avoid being scanned by Tekel ships along with the other Auroran vessels.

The player can be challenged to duels in Tekel space before starting a storyline.


In the in-development EV Nova: United Galactic Federation total conversion plug-in by StarSword, the Tekel House no longer exists, having been utterly demolished 1,012 years before the start of the game by the Anz'kalarad Principalities (making them the only house to be totally destroyed by the Anz'kalarads). The descendants of the surviving warriors are split largely between the Dechtakars and House Heraan. The planet Tekel itself is uninhabited, though the hypergate remains.

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