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Thorium Reactor

The Thorium Reactor is an outfit that provides a large, stable energy source for hyperspace travel. It is superior to the standard Fission Reactor, but much more expensive. Thorium reactors are the main powerplant for most Federation capital ships.


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You must be on very cozy terms with Federation authorities to purchase this outfit legally. Beware the cheap knockoffs sold by some unscrupulous outfitters; these have a habit of melting down with very little notice.

Thorium Reactors cost 4,000,000 credits. They consume 8 tons of weapon space and grant an additional unit of fuel every 10 frames. A ship may be outfitted with up to 2 Thorium Reactors. A Thorium Reactor also increases the speed and acceleration of the ship by 10 and 15 units, respectively. They can be found on Rauther in the Rautherion system, but only rarely.

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