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Thunderhead Bay

The Thunderhead Bay is a fighter bay capable of carrying, servicing, and deploying three Thunderhead fighters. (Thunderhead fighters sold separately).


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Purchase of this outfit in the Federation requires that you possess a valid Fighter Bay License. It is much more difficult to find than its ammunition (Thunderheads), but it can often be purchased on Gli-Tech-Nia in the Rimshot, and Viking in the Tichel system.

A good strategy with the Thunderhead Bay when pirating is put it on a Manticore and use the Thunderheads to disable smaller ships while you go after the bigger ones (such as Leviathans). Although the Pirate Thunderheads are more powerful and the bay is lighter, they are also MUCH more expensive.

This bay is very heavy, expensive and requires a license, but it is very worthwile as Thunderheads of any type are quite effective and can provide cover while you escape, move in for the kill, etc.

As with most fighter bays in the game, though, you can save money on buying the fighters if you disable the type for your bay and "board" them.  In this case, you do not board the vessel; you add it to your inventory.  If you already have the maximum complement of fighters, boarding will happen as normal.  If you choose this path, try only to capture variants that you want, such as the "Light Destroyer"-class Thunderhead. The standard variant in this bay (from purchase) is the Gunboat-Class

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