Thunderhead Lance
Thunderhead Lance
General specifications
Weapon type

Close-Range Beam Weapon

Total mass

8 tons

Maximum allowed


Tech level



Heavy Weapons License


100,000 credits

Weapon damage and characteristics
Maximum speed



100 pixels

Energy damage


Mass damage




Reload time


Impact magnitude


Blast radius


Proximity delay


The Thunderhead Lance is a stocky beam-weapon unit that fires a simple, powerful laser. It is effective only at short ranges, forcing the armed ship to practically have to ram its victim to use them. Nonetheless, it is a highly charged weapon and deals quite a bit of damage from continuous contact. The Lance is a favorite of the Wild Geese, who view it as a divine gift. Most variants of the Thunderhead fighter are built around these weapons, although the Civilian Light Destroyer Thunderhead uses Ion Cannons instead.


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The Thunderhead Lance is light-weight, cheap, and incredibly powerful, and only requires a Heavy Weapons License. In game-play this weapon appears to be a large light-saber with a starship serving as its handle. Any ship, aside from Vell-os craft, can arm at least one of these, and most of them can use four, making for a very powerful tool of close-in destruction. As you might expect, this weapon is most effective on a fast, nimble ship. Note that, unlike most other continuous beam weapons, the Thunderhead Lance involves no energy drain at all.

Back in 1.06, the Thunderhead Lance saw its height of notoriety and popularity because of its enormous damage output thanks to the Exponential Beam Bug. However, this bug has long since been fixed.

The Thunderhead Lance can sometimes be found at Rebel_II in the Koria system, New Ireland in the Tuatha system, and GLi-Tech-nia in the Rimshot system.

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