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Tichel is a star system located in the southeast corner of the Federation. It contains the planet Viking, Spacedock II, and a hypergate. Tichel lies at the intersection of several busy hyperspace routes and is a major incursion point for the Auroran Empire; throw in the frequent pirate visitors to Viking and it's no surprise that Tichel one of the highest-traffic systems in known space.

Interstellar connections Edit

  1. Sol, heart of the Federation
  2. Kania, northeastern strong point of the Federation
  3. Fomalhaut, access to the Fomalhaut region
  4. SPC-050, border outpost of the Auroran Empire
  5. Unin, border outpost of the Auroran Empire

Space objects Edit

  1. Viking, a major planetary starport
  2. Spacedock II, a Federation Navy space station
  3. HG-Tichel, a functioning Hypergate

Hazards Edit

  1. Moderate asteroid field

See also Edit

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