A Total Conversion, or TC, is a plug-in that replaces the stock scenario with an entirely new one. Total Conversions are often huge and always sport new ships, graphics, sounds, weapons, missions, outfits, and much much more. In other words, a total conversion plug-in is essentially a whole new game. While there are a plethora of total conversions for Escape Velocity and Escape Velocity Override, Escape Velocity Nova has very few, only seven to be exact (with Acheron being the newest one), that have been released, with many in development. The reason for this is that the Nova engine is much more complicated and a total conversion the size of the stock Nova scenario takes at least a year to make. Because of a little thing called real life, it will more often than not take much longer. Most TC projects become vaporware (meaning it is never completed), while others do not even get that far.

List of completed total conversionsEdit

These TCs can be downloaded from the Nova Add-ons Page.

List of TCs in developmentEdit

Vaporware TCsEdit

And the list goes on and on

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