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Trading commodities is one of the many ways for an independent captain to earn credits; this involves purchasing a commodity in bulk at a low or medium price on one planet and selling at a higher price on another. Traders generally employ vessels with large cargo capacities called freighters to maximize profits on a given run. A common tactic is for the player to use a combat-capable ship as a primary vessel and hire or capture escort freighters to do most of the hauling; this allows the player to better protect the relatively defenseless freighters from attacks by Pirates or other hostile forces.

Some special commodities (also called junks) can yield a large profit, but the reason they are so profitable is that most of them are considered contraband in Federation and Auroran space.

Trade Routes Edit

These are a few of the short, profitable runs used by veteran pilots:

Bio-Weapons are the most profitable, but need at least 6 jumps or a hypergate to be traded.

External Links Edit

  • EVula's Survival Guide – Contains a more complete list of trade routes. Note that it is slightly out of date and may contain trade routes that no longer exist in current versions of EV Nova.
  • Nova Trade Guide – Guide to trading in the Nova universe; contains a larger list of user-submitted trade routes and a guide to the ships commonly used for trading.

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