Pirate Carrier
Greyshoulders Dockyards Pirate Carrier, Unrelenting-class
General characteristics
Acceleration 275
Turning ability 35
Maximum speed 235
Cost 0 credits
Requirements granted in late Pirate string
Technical specifications
Length 490 meters
Shield capacity 975/20
Armor effectiveness 1,125
Energy capacity 600 units or 6 jumps
Crew 220
Total mass 1,850 tons
Free space 120 tons
Cargo space 100 tons
Gun hard-points Maximum of 8
Turret hard-points Maximum of 6
Standard armament 2 Quad Light Blaster Turrets, 4 Pirate Viper Bays & 4 Pirate Vipers, 2 EMP Torpedo Tubes & 8 ammo, 4 200mm Railguns, 3 Hellhound Missile Launchers & 21 ammo, 4 Heavy Blaster Turrets, 2 Pirate Thunderhead Bays and 2 Pirate Thunderheads
Included outfits Pirate Jammer, Exotic Ships and Weapons License, 2 Solar Panels, 2 Marine Platoons

The Unrelenting was a legendary Pirate Carrier built by Olaf Greyshoulders during the heyday of the Association of Free Traders. It was destroyed in the climactic battle between Morgan Greyshoulders and McGowan over the leadership of the Guild, and most of the crew, including Captain Greyshoulders and his wife, were killed.


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The Unrelenting is a deeply personal ship, since it ties directly into the background story of the player's heritage. It is one of the strongest vessels outside of Polaris space (it can easily trump anything the Federation has), and has ample expansion room. Although the player's old ship must be lost, the ship is free and it will receive a powerful engine upgrade later on by doing a side string. You can still capture other ships and make it an escort, but its sell value is 0.

With a stock capacity of 16 Pirate Vipers and 6 Pirate Thunderheads, the Unrelenting is a self-contained armada. It's on-board armaments are also fierce: (2) EMP Torpedo Tubes, (4) 200mm Fixed Railguns, (3) Hellhound Missile Launchers and (4) Heavy Blaster turrets - with room to expand.

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