Afew days ago I read JoshTigerHeart's Blog about him modifing the astroid miner so I decided to try. I started with the stock astroid

miner I sold the stock weapons and bought 2 sigma mass additions I had 32 tons of space so I tried to do the mass trick I bought two cargo expansions and the sigma mass expansion 3 more cargo expansions and 2 mass expansions. After I finished the mass trick I went looking for weapons JoshTigerHeart had a close range astroid miner so I went long range, I went to Herran Cov to get railguns the 150mm and the 200mm were to slow firing wise so I went with 6 100mm railguns and then I got the sigma engine upgrade and the sigma electric rewiring. I gotta say JoshTigerHeart said "It is the one of the few ships in Nova with no real combat potential. Even if you're as good as Qaanol it's a ship best avoided....." That tells me that I'm BETTER than Qaanol.

The end Resalt with MY astroid miner against the Governments of Nova

Fed: Pwned 'em all

Auroran: the only thing that gave me trouble was swarms of fighters

Polaris: I got a scarab to armor before IT retreated

Pirate: only thing that could kill me was the PVIV

Pizzaguy573 17:49, July 12, 2010 (UTC)

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