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This is another Owen Greylock special. Greylock was inspired to design this while looking at designs of old Terran atmospheric fighters that had flaps on their engine exhaust ports to redirect exhaust, enabling them to make tighter turns. With a few adjustments to your ship's engines, this upgrade greatly reduces your turning radius, making it a must-have item for any pilot. It's relatively cheap, too.

Notes Edit

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The sales pitch is what we call "Truth in Advertising." Vectored thrust is an excellent enhancement, enabling any starship to maneuver better. However, it is only available on a few worlds, chiefly Rauther and New Ireland. It costs 50000 credits, and takes up no weapons space. It increases the turn rate by 125 points (1 point = 30 degrees/second) and subtracts 2 maximum speed points.

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