Vell-os Dart
Vell-os Dart
General characteristics
Acceleration 1,250
Turning ability 100
Maximum speed 600
Cost 0 cr
Requirements Vell-os T3 rating or better
Technical specifications
Length 10 meters
Shield capacity 50/100
Armor effectiveness 8/1
Energy capacity 3 jumps or 300 units
Crew 0
Total mass 6 tons
Free space 10 tons
Cargo space 5 tons
Gun hard-points Maximum of 2
Turret hard-points Maximum of 2
Standard armament Varies:
Included outfits Varies:

When a Vell-os has completed his or her basic training in the psi arts, one of the first things they attempt to construct is the delicate Dart. Like all Vell-os 'ships', she is actually a pure psychic barrier that protects the Vell-os pilot within. It is perfectly formed for hyperspace travel (nearly matching the beautiful Wraith), and will remain intact as long as enough of the mental energy of the Vell-os remains.

Notes Edit

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Using their "Create Dart" psi ability, Vell-os ranked T2 or above can conjure up to three darts and control them independently of his "own" vessel, whatever that may be.

This vessel is one of the fastest in the game, second only to the Nil'kimas Manta. Coupled with the arsenal of psychic abilities a Vell-os has, this ship is one of the most dangerous fighters out there, able to combat most things smaller than a capital ship.

Like all Vell-os ships, Darts are inertialess.

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