Vell-os Javelin
Vell-os Javelin
General characteristics
Acceleration 500
Turning ability 40
Maximum speed 375
Cost 0 cr
Requirements Vell-os T2 rating or better
Technical specifications
Length 100 meters
Shield capacity 800/60 (2,800 with T0)
Armor effectiveness 60/8
Energy capacity 12 jumps or 1,200 units (2,400 units with T0)
Crew 1
Total mass 200 tons
Free space 50 tons
Cargo space 100 tons
Gun hard-points Maximum of 2
Turret hard-points Maximum of 2
Standard armament Varies:
Included outfits Varies:

The Javelin embodies the hopes and desires of all the Vell-os people. A Javelin has been known to be created by very powerful T2's, but as a general rule, only T1's are capable of constructing one of these glorious works of art. A completed Javelin pulsates with the enormous mental energy of the Vell-os pilot as it travels. This mental construct is most often created by a Vell-os who is also capable of launching the devastating Autumn Petal attack and of disassociating their mind to create subsidiary vessels, making the Javelin one of the most powerful objects known to man. Only a few Javelins exist now, as it is rare for a Vell-os to be allowed to construct one.

Notes Edit

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While it may seem like "the Vell-os Javelin is among the best of the best in EV Nova," in reality this comes from the bonus that T1 and T2 confer on you. The bonuses will stack on other ships as well, so get something better as soon as you can. Normally very skilled T2s or T1s control this "ship."

A major drawback from utilizing the Vell-os abilities on other ships is the slower rate of shield- and fuel recovery. However, if you are able to capture a Polaris Raven or to purchase a Kestrel, the ultimate battle-ship might be just there...

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