The Vella House is considered the most mysterious house, as it is not directly involved in any storyline and is rarely mentioned. Futhermore, no mission in the game goes out into that area of space, Mission BBS missions aside. They are the farthest to the galactic west in the Auroran Empire and are enemies of the Moash House.

The Vella use a human eye with an orange iris as their insignia.

The Vella System Edit

House Vella is headquartered on Vella in the Vella System. Like the other capitals, this system contains a hypergate; this one leads to the Moash and Nesre Secundus Systems.

Careful management by the Vella authorities have allowed this planet to become the least overpopulated and least polluted of the Auroran capital worlds. (This doesn't say much: Vella still has a population in excess of 170 billion people.) Even so, the major commodities are still very expensive.


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The Vella House plays a very minor role in two storylines: the Federation and Auroran. In the latter, they simply have a representative in duels or the Auroran Council. In the former, their homeworld is bombed back to the Stone Age and becomes one of the four worlds in the game that can be dominated and don't have a defense fleet.


In the EVN:UGF TC project, Vella gained prominence during the United Powers War of 1225-1235 NC, as they were the only Auroran House never directly attacked by the Anz'kalarad Principalities, and thus were able to focus most of their military power on the warfront. In the later stages of the war, Vella Mundokiir Tazkarm worked closely with Federation Admiral Tomas Rodriguez during the efforts to push the Anz'kalarads out of Auroran space, including the recapture of the Dani System in 1232, and the Battles of Tekel Reeva, Second Tekel, and Kontik in 1234.

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