The Viper is a small fighter, and is arguably the weakest combat ship in the game. It mounts light protection, relying more on speed and agility. Regardless, Vipers are considered good frameworks for development, as several military variants exist.

Power Sled racing originally developed this as a racing sled for the Galactic Racing Network. However, it didn’t take space farers long to begin tweaking it as a means of travel. It is now used as the mainstream short-range fighter for the Federation, Rebels and Pirates.


There are several variants, such as the Auroran outfits detected version. There are also the Federation Viper, Pirate Viper, and the Rebel Viper, which each have their own variants as well.


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Comparison of variantsEdit

Fighter class Hvy fighter class Auroran outfits detected
Acceleration 900 925 950
Turning ability 80 85 90
Maximum speed 525 525 550
Length 7 meters 7 meters 7 meters
Shield capacity 45/11 50/15 60/20
Armor effectiveness 25/0 30/0 30/0
Energy capacity 2 jumps 2 jumps 2 jumps
Crew 1 1 1
Total mass 10 tons 10 tons 10 tons
Free space 16 tons 26 tons 28 tons
Cargo capacity 5 tons 5 tons 5 tons
Gun hard-points 2 (max) 2 (max) 2 (max)
Turret hard-points None None None
Standard armament Light blasters (2) Light blasters (2)
Raven Rocket Pods (2)
Raven Rockets (10)
Hail Chainguns (2)
Chaingun ammunition (50)
Raven Rockets (12)
Included outfits None None None
Cost 80,000 110,000 150,000

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