Weapons are your primary defence against enemies in EVN. They come in many kinds and many are unique.



These weapons are the most common in EVN. Blasters, Fusion Pulse Cannons, Railguns-All of these are widely used and in general do medium damage at medium range, with the exception of railguns, which blow stuff up on the other side of the system. An interesting point related to this is the Federation weapons do more damage against sheilds and the Auroran ones shred armour, but in general do not harm sheilds excessively.


These are usually secondary weapons. The more powerful the missile, the less accurate it is. A good strategy to counter this is to fly very close to your enemy and fire an EMP torpedo at them at point-blank range, although this can prove harmful to your ship if it is not strong enough to survive the hail of fire that you will encounter getting close enough. This strategy is not recommended for missiles with splash damage.


These weapons are mostly employed by the Polaris, although a few others are available to Federation citizens (e.g Thunderhead Lance, Ion Cannon). Beam weapons are usually very powerful but have a limited range and flexibility.


Fed weapons are usually big and as mentioned earlier, are more effective on sheilds. An effective configuration is, on a fast ship that can take a little punishment (e.g Mod Starbridge, Fed Patrol Boat, Pirate Thunderhead) to get in close and hit the shields with your blasters/Thunderhead lances, then fly away when their sheilds are down and pepper them with your railguns. This also works if you have a Fed Carrier.

Polaris weapons are infamous for vaporizing ships rapidly. To counter this, get plenty of defense upgrades and an afterburner on one of the ships mentioned before, and a decent railgun. Do not attempt to get in close to a Polaris ship. You will be vaporized. To counter mantas bring a lot of big, very fast missiles, and try to spread them out. 12 mantas can destroy a Krypt Pod in seconds. The only way to counter Polaron Torpedoes is to fly very quickly away from them or smash them into asteroids.

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