The Wild Geese are a mercenary outfit based on New Ireland in the Tuatha system. They also work heavily out of Spacedock VI, which they see as a second home. They are lead by Eamon "Archindar" Flannigan, once a Warrior of House Heraan.

The Federation is their primary client, but they don’t necessarily agree with some of their political views, particularly those of the bureau. They have also been known to take part in the battles between the Auroran Houses.

The Wild Geese don’t have sufficient resources to maintain a fleet of capital ships, so they favour heavy fighters, relying heavily on the Thunderhead and Lightning. However, they have a few IDA Frigates in service as well. They also favour the Thunderhead Lance, which they consider a divine gift.

The Wild Geese share a bitter rivalry with Raczak's Roughnecks, an elite unit of the Federation Navy.


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The Wild Geese mission string is available on Earth or Aurora. Accepting it may lead you to the Pirate string (by contacting the Rebels, 50%), the Auroran string (25%), or earn you the rank of Knight of the Red Branch, which will give 750 credits/day pay without leading to any string.

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