Wolf 359 is a system in the heart of Federation space, just east of Sol. It has only one populated planet, New England, which is affluent and highly industrialized, boasting a well-equipped shipyard and outfitters. The system is tucked away, requiring all visitors to pass through Sol, the capital of the Federation, on their way. However, it still sees somewhat frequent incursions by pirates (some under the guise of the rebellion).

Accessing the hypergate system from Wolf requires two jumps to one of the gateway systems surrounding Sol: Nesre Primus, Nesre Secundus, Alphara, Tichel, or Kerella.

Wolf's only navigational hazard is a moderate asteroid field.

New England Edit

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New England is a highly developed and well settled world. Many military and government officials come here to retire. Additionally, New England has the location of the headquarters of the Bureau of Internal Investigation.

Notes Edit

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Wolf 359 is long-settled and does not border any frontier areas, yet it has a curiously high population of Federation military and suffers pirate raids more often than seems quite right.

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