A wormhole is a naturally-occurring hypergate that may be used by starships to travel instantaneously between two systems. Wormholes are stable and persistent; many pilots have compiled lists of all known locations. The problem for pilots is that, while the entry location is predictable, the exit point may be at any other wormhole in the galaxy.

Locations Edit

Wormholes can be difficult to discover due to their distance from the center of systems. This keeps them from appearing on the radar most of the time. Below is a list of some known wormhole locations, as well as their location within the system. The directions are general, and due to the distances involved, they can be easy to miss.

Federation Edit

  • Enlightenment, southeast of system center
  • Obatta, south and slightly east of system center
  • Sol, east of Earth
  • Spica, east and slightly south of system center
  • Procyon, east and slightly north of system center

Rebellion Edit

  • Evlei, southeast of system center

Auroran Empire Edit

  • Chirt, northwest of system center
  • Heraan, north of system center
  • Hope, north and slightly west of system center
  • Kipa, southwest of system center
  • Nto, north and slightly west of system center
  • Aurora, northwest of the system center

Polaris Edit

Wraith Edit

  • Hot'A'Tanius, southeast of system center
  • Gan'U'Tornes, southeast of system center
  • Kor'U'Deidt, southwest of system center

Vell'os Edit

  • K-003, east and slightly south of system center
  • K-005, east of system center; trying to enter this wormhole yields the error "The radiation levels are too high." It is also invisible, except for ship sensors.
  • Korell, east of system center
  • Telluer, east and slightly north of system center
  • Vellos, north and slightly west of system center


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The random exit factor means that wormholes make useful escape hatches, at least if your pursuer is not particularly persistant, but are not very useful in planning travel routes.

Many pilots use wormholes to easily get into Polaris space, since a wormhole can take you behind the Nil'kemorya defense posts.

External LinksEdit

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