Wraith Youth

A Wraith attacking a Pirate Argosy

The Wraith are intelligent aliens that dwell in the galactic north, just west of Polaris space. They are capable of surviving in a vacuum and can "tunnel" through hyperspace. Their bodies are formed especially for this. The Wraith seem to communicate telepathically, and can defend themselves by creating graviton beams. The more mature Wraith ( Youth and Adult) also have the ability to cloak. The Wraith homeworld is Hot'A'Tanius, a large gas giant located in a system several jumps to the north of Polaris space.

Behavior Edit

Although not naturally violent Wraith are inherently prudent and will attack without mercy if they feel threatened. Wraith also lack an understanding of Humans (Mistaking their ships as other living organisms) and as such can mistake their actions for as aggression, but are also curious and will often harmlessly examine ships that they encounter.

Relations With the Polaris Edit

The first humans to encounter the Wraith were the Polaris. In 480 NC, several Wraith Children investigated a Polaris scout. The crew of the ship mistook their curiosity for aggression and killed the Wraith Children. Since then, both sides have attacked each other on sight. The Wraith do not seem to be aggressive against non-Polaris, however.

Many of the Polarans more recent technological advancements have been based on observations of the Wraith, such as the Cloaking Organ, the Tunneling Organ and the Multi-jump Organ.

Wraith Types Edit

The Wraith that the player encounters in the game come in three different ages:

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