Wraith Youth
Wraith (Youth)
General characteristics
Acceleration 575
Turning ability 60
Maximum speed 375
Cost N/A (not pilotable)
Requirements unavailable to player
Technical specifications
Length 20 meters
Shield capacity 300/20
Armor effectiveness 300/8
Energy capacity 8 jumps or 800 units
Crew 0
Total mass 50 tons
Free space 0 tons
Cargo space 0 tons
Gun hard-points Maximum of 1
Turret hard-points none
Standard armament Wraith Graviton Beam (Youth)
Included outfits Wraith Cloaking Device

When Wraith children are a little more grown, they are capable of running with the pack. Young Wraith will serve as outliers for a convoy, and take great delight in 'buzzing' incoming ships with their younger brothers and sisters. The adults can always keep them in line, though, and the youngsters quickly mature as they get better and better at gliding through the harshness of space, as opposed to their native Hot'A'Tanius.

Notes Edit

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Wraith Youths are, in personality, much like human teenagers: just volatile enough to cause problems. Unlike Children, Youths can cloak, and while not as tough as adults, they're much tougher than their younger siblings.

Youths use their graviton beams to goof around with each other. But when the Polaris attack, the Youth's graviton beam turns into a fairly potent weapon.

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